This handmade pottery pumpkin will add a whimsical flare to your fall decor and Thanksgiving table! Perfect to display year round or bust out when you start craving that Pumpkin Spice Latte. 


Each pumpkin is thrown on the pottery wheel into a round, hollow ball. I then sculpt the pumpkin shape, attach and form the stem, carve, and use a squirt bottle to add dotted details. After the pumpkin dries for a few days, I bisque fire, which hardens the clay and removes all moisture. Stain is added to the stem and I dip the bottom into my Satin Lace White glaze. The stoneware clay is what adds the brown speckes for an overall earthy feel! The pumpkins are fired again at a high temperature of 2180°F which vitrifies the clay and melts the glaze into a glass layer that finishes with a soft, satin feel. 

Now you know!


Each pumpkin is made individually by me, so they are all unique! 

Size will be around 5" width and 5" tall with some slightly larger or smaller.

**The pumpkin in the photo is the one you will receive when purchasing this item. 


Don't forget the rule of threes! An interior designer places decorations into groups of threes to be most pleasing to the eye! 


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