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Mike & Dindy Lavelle

Pet Portrait Mug

Incredible Customer Service and Attention To Detail!!! We absolutely adore the mug. Amanda Proctor is a Coffee Mug Surgeon! Great Work! We will buy again!

Jackie McDaniel

Pet portrait mug

I was lucky to be gifted this beautiful mug by a dear friend. I am in love! It's a perfect picture of my sweet girl and the mug is a well-crafted piece of art work. I'm so happy to have this handmade treasure celebrating my pup each day with my cup of tea. Incredible work, Amanda! ❤

Haley Rodenhouse

Custom Pet Mug

We LOVE our mug! Amanda is so talented!


Pet Portrait Mug

Amanda, you are talented, friendly and all around great. Your service is incredible and I hope everyone gets a pet portrait mug from you! It all started when I ordered a pet portrait mug for my partner on Christmas. You made the cup perfectly and it made me want to keep coming back when I needed a new mug or ceramic things. I am so glad I now also own a Scorpio mug, 9 plant pots, and a personally commissioned urn for our late kitty, Samus. You are a top tier and I recommend your incredible artistic work to everyone I know. Next I can't wait to order a beautiful, forever our dishes set!

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