Save your kitty from the strain of eating off the floor by investing in a raised food dish!

You put your kitty on pedastal, now their food can be too!


These dishes allow your pet to eat more comfortably, reduce whisker fatigue and have super cute cat ears.


The dish is wide and shallow with a low rim to not disturb the whiskers while eating, which can cause over stimulation of the sensory receptors in the whiskers and stress the cat out while trying to eat. If your cat pushes their food out of the bowl often or paces in front of the food bowl even though they're hungry, you might want to try a more shallow dish!


Elevating your pet's food dish is also said to help with a vomiting re-flux triggered from eating with their head below their stomachs.


The base is wide enough to keep from being knocked over when the cat is enjoying their dinner.


This listing is for ONE (1) raised cat DISH, shallow dish in White glaze with subtle white whisker details and pink ears.


Dimensions: 4" tall x 5" wide