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This listing is for a

Custom Pet Portrait Mug with THREE pets on ONE mug!

Purchasing this listing orders a mug with three portraits of three pets on a handmade pottery mug.


My pottery mugs are thrown on the pottery wheel and each portrait is carved into the clay and delicately painted to match your pet's coloring.

I fire with food-safe glazes to a temperature that allows the pottery to withstand everyday use, including the microwave and dishwasher! The pet portrait is carved into the clay and fired, so the drawing will not fade away or wear off. It will have a raised texture, like a low relief sculpture carving.

You will enjoy this precious keepsake for years and years!


Thanks for checking out my handmade pet portrait pottery mug!



New orders are on a WAITLIST!  Try to order at least 3 months ahead of your need-by date.  (For more specific turnaround time, email


After you complete the purchase and email your photos, I will contact you with more information regarding your waitlist position. Be patient- it may take me a few weeks to respond and send an update on your order.


You must email pet photos directly to Have them ready before purchasing this item.  Check the email you are sending photos from. You will receive a reply from me on that email account. (iphones love to send photos from iCloud emails and no one checks them.) 



**The best photos show the pets front-facing, looking at the camera, and sitting. While taking a photo, squat down lower so your pet doesn't look up to the camera. (This distorts the perspective and makes the nose too big.) 

You can send multiple photos to show the face, body, and tail. The three pets DO NOT have to be in the same photo. It is ok to send multiple photos of each individual pet! 


**Most important is a face looking at the camera**

If the photos are good quality and following my requests, the portrait drawing will be much better! (Look at the product photos for examples of how I draw the pet sitting.) 


Fill out the options to choose the colors, size, and input necessary information for your mug. Reference the product photos for the color and size guides. 


**If you have specific characteristics you would like me to highlight (one ear up, coloring, tongue out, etc), please note that in the space provided. (Add-on items are available such as a colored bandana, dog toy, halo, etc for extra cost. Check the shop page for the "Add-on item" listing and add it to your cart along with your pet portrait item) 


**Write your pets' names carefully to check spelling. Include the pets' breed if you know. This helps if I need to look up photos for reference. 


**When your waitlist time arrives, I will email a sketch drawing of the pets for your approval. 


** Does your pet have an instagram? I love to tag accounts in the work in progress (unless it is a surprise!) Let me know the @ in the notes!  >> 


\\\ Don't forget to include an ornament or magnet to your order for a discounted price! Also check the "Add-On item" for bandanas, toys, halos, bow ties, etc. You can find additional pet portrait options in my shop under the "Custom Pet Portraits" tab. ///

Three Pet Mug, Custom Pet Portrait Pottery, Personalized Dog or Cat, Handmade



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