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By purchasing this listing, you place a preorder for your custom Bonsai Pot! This is a deposit towards your final amount.

I have two options for clay and a few options for glaze. Please let me know which clay base you prefer. It will change the colors dramatically with which glaze you choose. Descriptions below.

Clay 1: Dark, Rich iron, red brown stoneware clay

-This is a traditional dark clay body with more “grog” or sandy texture. With this clay, my glazes will have a much richer, dark color. Without glaze, the clay fires to a brick red with darker variated coloring throughout and some visible sandy texture.

-You can request this clay in three different options: without glaze, with black stain, with glaze.


Clay 2: Creamy, off-white, smooth stoneware clay

- This clay has a smooth bright finish. With this clay, my glazes will be much brighter and the colors will pop! Pots are typically made with visible, unglazed feet that will be a creamy white clay color when finished.

Please let me know the desired width, height, depth of your pot. We can chat about glazes if you are unsure.

If you have an idea in mind of what shape you want, send a sketch or search for inspiration photos to email me.

Questions to consider:

Do you want a cascade pot, oval, round, square, deep, shallow, feminine, masculine?

Do you want feet to be hidden, tucked underneath or visible from the front?

Are you going for deep, earthy tones or a bright and colorful pot?

Will your tree have colorful blooms?

Do you want a shiny, glossy glaze or a matt, non-glossy finish?

Do you want a texture to your pot to add character?

Are you ok with slight variations to the glaze and pot shape based on this being a completely handmade piece without any molds or forms?

Are you able to wait a 2-3 months for the creation and firing it takes to finish handmade pottery?

I am excited to make this special piece for you!

PREORDER Bonsai Pottery, Custom Size



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