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A jug full of your guilty pleasure! This octopus jug holds your favorite beverage and comes with two small cups to enjoy with your matey. The cork fits nice and snug to keep everything safely inside. What would you store in this handcarved octopus jug? I recently tried some mead, fermented honey wine, and that is what I envision this to hold. Yum! But of course, a good choice of rum will be perfect too!  All of my pottery is individually made and handcarved. I glazed this jug with a speckled black glaze inside and out, so it is perfectly food safe. It can also be microwaved and washed in the dishwasher. (This goes for the cups, too!)  The carving is left unglazed to accent the texture of the clay and the details of the carving. The jug holds approximately 36 ounces and each cup can hold 2 ounces.

Octopus Jug Set with two cups



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