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Host a dinner party in style with my handmade, flower serving platter. The Satin Lace White glaze won't overpower the natural colors of your meal and goes well with any trendy decor. The creamy stoneware clay is prepared to withstand your dishwasher and microwave for easy clean-up and everyday use.


Start your collection with this large serving platter, perfect for any cusine. You can pile on salad or pasta with the slight curve in the dish and raised edges for less mess. 


Complete your set with my large flower serving bowl, coffee mugs and dinner plates- all finished with my Satin Lace White glaze.  



This listing is for ONE (1) serving platter. Purchase the complete set for a better deal. Check out the complete set listing for details. 

Flower Serving Platter, Satin Lace White, Handmade Pottery

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