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Do you have a michevious cat walking across your keyboard right now? Is there something scratching at your leg and looking up with needy, hungry eyes? Then this mug is for you.


Cat moms, cat dads, come one, come all! You have found your new favorite coffee mug!

This pottery mug features my handcarved, cat design carved into the clay. I leave the carving unglazed to accent the texture of the clay and details of the carving.


You will enjoy the bright turquoise glaze on the outside and the inside. This mug is about 4 inches tall and comfortably holds 12-14 ounces.


The creamy stoneware clay is prepared to withstand your dishwasher and microwave for easy, everyday use.


Please allow some small differences in the product pictured and the items you receive. I create all of my pieces on the pottery wheel, carve and glaze each one individually. 

Cat Pottery Mug, Handcarved, Wheel thrown Handmade Ceramic



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