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 Expired info below= check main page for updated info. 
You are on my friends and family list to have early access to my pet portrait shop opening!! Woo! It is time to order those Christmas gifts!! Orders received during this week will be added to my September waitlist. Estimated turnaround is early November. (I will start working on these new orders in October.)

My website shop will now open for friends, family, & email subscribers Priority Shopping on Thursday Sept 1st at 6:00pm CT & 7:00pm ET. The shop page will be password protected.

On Thursday, enter this password “bulldog” to gain access to the shop page and browse/purchase items.

Browse my website before this evening for a preview of pet portrait items available and updated pricing. 
(Checkout is turned off u
ntil Thursday evening. But I think you can still add items to your cart to be ready.) 

Email me if you have any questions or suggestions!



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